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7th and St. george
Vancouver BC


The St. George Rainway is a community led initiative aiming to recreate the historic creek that used to flow along the path of St George Street in Vancouver. The Rainway will bring the neighbourhood together, celebrate the rain, a demonstrate an ecologically-diverse way of managing rainwater in the city. The Rainway concept has now been incorporated into the official community plan for the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood.

About Us

St. George Creek Stewards

The St George Rainway Project is a collaborative initiative by a group of passionate volunteers, who include local residents, students, storytellers, designers, educators, business people, artists, and many others. We have also worked closely with the groups listed below, and we are very grateful for the support of these partners.

Contact us to get involved with the project and have your name added to our list of Creek Stewards!


Mt. Pleasant Elementary School

Florence Nightingale Elementary School

City of Vancouver

Urban Design, Roads, Sewers, Transportation, Parks

Community Groups

False Creek Watershed Society

Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House